Saturday, 26 January 2019

They stir, but do not wake…

So, weekly progress starts with the cultists and the Serpent Men. Just a few finishing touches required here and there, and then basing. Serpent Men just need basing really. Cultists need cult glyphs and skin shading, along with inked spellbooks.
 Tsathoggua, the Formless Spawn, and the Wizards. Wizards got a lot of progress this week, as did the Formless Spawn, which are now nearly done save for basing and the last stage on the teeth.
Mother Hydra, something I have completed this week. The flesh is about 17 different stages of layering, washes, highlights, and glazes.

The scales were metallic blue, with a wash of Secret Weapon Stormcloud, followed by a thick coat of my iridescent blue-gold paint.
And another angle on Mother Hydra, better showing off the hair (painted to be like kelp), and the gill slits down her side. Most unwholesome.

The fins on her arms were painted the same way as the scales.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

From N'kai, and the Abyssal Depths (WIP)

So, another week down, and some more painting done. Also got to play a 3-player game of Nemesis on Tuesday night (the Intruders won).

So, on to the painting. First up are the cultists. They just need speelbooks, faction glyphs, and some skin. The example cultist on the left has albino skin, which I think is most fitting for the cave dwelling Sleeper faction. The Serpent Men in the background just need some more runes on their cloaks, and then basing. They're actually the closest models to being complete.

The Formless spawn. Full OSL on the mouth and teeth of the finished model, and ready to apply the orange candycoat after shading and drybrushing the rest of them.
Wizards, who have rather more paint than last time. I finally decided to go with a naturalistic scheme, and have the riders orange robes be the tie in with the faction colour (along with the bases, that is).

The blue OSL from the beasts maw may or may not extend across the base, I'm not sure yet.
Tsathoggua, flesh and fur done, and 'arm rocks' glowing like the Formless Spawn. Said rocks also need an orange candycoat to knock the colour back a bit.

This is Mother Hydra, my other painting project for when doing so much orange/bronze/gold drives me nuts. I've gone for blue-green metallic mer-scales, with an unhealthy swarthy but greenish flesh.

The 'hair' is going to be painted like kelp, but only has a shade layer down right now.
Another view of Mother Hydra. The gill slits down her side will be painted pink inside, to look as much like fish gills as possible.

She's meant to be most unwholesome, and in-game serves as a maternal counterpart to Father Dagon's crippling influence.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Stirrings in lightless N'kai

With the recent move I've found a lot more time to be painting. It's quite good actually, and means my Sleeper forces are progressing apace.

The cultists so far. The one on the left is nearly complete (spellbook, basing & glyph required), the others are in various stages of having the finishing touches done.

This is the Formless Spawn, just one for now as I try to figure out how best to integrate black and orange into a unified scheme. Most of it is reverse highlights (highlighting as if the light source was underneath) using mixes of black and orange, then an orange candy coat, and some OSL for the mouths.

The Wizards in the background haven't seen much love, but I'm still working out a hybrid scheme for them and their bonded creatures.
The back of a Serpent Man's cloak. It may be a bit hard to see the ophidian runes (really just Futhark, with some angles changed to soft curves) around the edges, but the Sleeper glyph in the middle helps set off the block colour wonderfully.

The big gribbly himself only has some basic colouring for fur and flesh, but I plan to do the 'rocks' on his arms in the same way as the bodies of the Formless Spawn in order to tie them together.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

New Year, New Yig

So at the end of last year I didn't get a lot done due to preparations for moving house, and all the crap involved with that (and a number of screw-ups and damages along the way, most of which came from the moving companies).

Anyway, onto the new year, and I've already completed one monster this year: Yig, Father of Snakes.

This is the father of snakes. In Mythos lore he turns those that have displeased him into snakes, specifically spotted snakes. As such, a number of the snakes making up his 'head' are spotted, speckled, or use patched patterns found on vipers and pythons.

The other snakes are far more colourful, ranging from deadly coral snakes and the infamous black mamba to the relatively harmless milk snake and the emerald tree boa.

I figure the father of snakes should represent as many families of snake as possible…

The view from the back of Yig. The plates were given a heavy drybrush of khaki over over a german green-brown base, followed by a wash of chestnut ink, then another moderate drybrush of khaki and a highlighting drybrush of buff.

The scales had the base, but were given a highlight of 50/50 khaki/buff before the wash. The belly scutes (more visible in other pictures) were painted buff, then given a shading wash of 3:2 stone:dark sepia.

A low angle view showing off what puny mortals might see.

The rocks were painted much like the back plates, but used desert yellow for the heavy drybrush, and a wash using the same mix as the belly scutes for the recesses, then a very thin wash to knock back some chalky highlights.