Saturday, 14 October 2017

The Winter has come

So, I have (finally) managed to finish painting my Windwalker, using a ton of different techniques from two brush blending and wetbrushing to snow basing.

So, this is everyone (and thing) for the Windwalker faction. The shades of blue I had to mix, and mix, and mix again…

Anyway, I tried to keep the colours pale, and the palette somewhat pastel, to offset the very bright splashes of spot colours.
 Cultists; once again with unique spellbooks. My attempts at painting the Windwalker symbol on their tabards seem to have come out well enough.
 Rhan-Tegoth, the lesser of the arctic nasties Windwalker can summon. He's moderately expensive, but doesn't even need a gate. He's also pretty much unkillable.

For his colouration I was inspired by the electric blue crayfish.
 The ice age. Windwalker has a spellbook that casts a map area into an ice age in order to impede your opponents. This is just a fancy marker for that.

I used a combination of blending, drybrushing, glazes, and washes to get the final effect—shared with Rhan-Tegoth's base, above.
 Ithaqua, the arctic wind. Okay, I'll admit, if I could I'd have made this guy transparent—he's meant to be ectoplasm/personified wind. A lot of drybrushing was involved here, and some subtle two-brush blending for the 'breath' which I was hoping to make look like the borealis, or maybe a nebula.
 These are Gnoph-Kehs. Their spellbook allows them to inflict a free kill if they get killed in battles. Berserkergang, and it gets very messy.

Also, getting blood on fur to look even remotely right is really difficult.
Last up, the Wendigos, cannibalistic monsters that can drive out enemies with a fearsome howl. Their spellbook also allows them to be spawned from other people's battles, provided at least 1 kill was inflicted.