Friday, 11 January 2019

Stirrings in lightless N'kai

With the recent move I've found a lot more time to be painting. It's quite good actually, and means my Sleeper forces are progressing apace.

The cultists so far. The one on the left is nearly complete (spellbook, basing & glyph required), the others are in various stages of having the finishing touches done.

This is the Formless Spawn, just one for now as I try to figure out how best to integrate black and orange into a unified scheme. Most of it is reverse highlights (highlighting as if the light source was underneath) using mixes of black and orange, then an orange candy coat, and some OSL for the mouths.

The Wizards in the background haven't seen much love, but I'm still working out a hybrid scheme for them and their bonded creatures.
The back of a Serpent Man's cloak. It may be a bit hard to see the ophidian runes (really just Futhark, with some angles changed to soft curves) around the edges, but the Sleeper glyph in the middle helps set off the block colour wonderfully.

The big gribbly himself only has some basic colouring for fur and flesh, but I plan to do the 'rocks' on his arms in the same way as the bodies of the Formless Spawn in order to tie them together.

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