Saturday, 26 January 2019

They stir, but do not wake…

So, weekly progress starts with the cultists and the Serpent Men. Just a few finishing touches required here and there, and then basing. Serpent Men just need basing really. Cultists need cult glyphs and skin shading, along with inked spellbooks.
 Tsathoggua, the Formless Spawn, and the Wizards. Wizards got a lot of progress this week, as did the Formless Spawn, which are now nearly done save for basing and the last stage on the teeth.
Mother Hydra, something I have completed this week. The flesh is about 17 different stages of layering, washes, highlights, and glazes.

The scales were metallic blue, with a wash of Secret Weapon Stormcloud, followed by a thick coat of my iridescent blue-gold paint.
And another angle on Mother Hydra, better showing off the hair (painted to be like kelp), and the gill slits down her side. Most unwholesome.

The fins on her arms were painted the same way as the scales.

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