Thursday, 13 February 2014


So, now I've got my terrain to show off. Just a couple of finishing touches before the end of the day tomorrow and everything's set.

 Plantation. I love woodland scenics stuff, even if it is fragile and fiddly at the best of times. The end result is always worthwhile.
 Hills. Gentle or Steep as you please. The badly dyed static grass doesn't look quite that bad in person. I was in a hurry, and didn't think to stock up on "savannah" static grass.

What's done is done. I can live with it.
 Vineyards & Gully. Woodland scenics. Mininatur tufts. More badly dyed static grass.
 Fields. Fences. Not really a lot to say. Carpet tile, just over the minimum size. Popsicle stick fences. Done.
 Forest. You may not an abject lack of foliage. That will be corrected tomorrow.
Houses, for the village. Need ink-lining on the stones, washes on the wood, then varnish and done.

And when all that's complete, it will be the first complete army (and terrain set) I have managed to do in three years.



God I'm lazy sometimes.

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  1. Awesome work phil. Looking forward to seeing the finished army tomorrow.