Sunday, 9 February 2014

It is done!

Thracians, left side.

Thracians, right side.

Spartan cavalry, outriders

Spartan cavalry with Enomotarchos

And now I shall begin the "invocation of the completed army".

For the Sun!
Commanders, in all their glory.
A camp, a home to protect.

For the Wind!
Our allied javelinmen will darken the skies with javelins.
Our allied Hoplites, from the oracle at Delphi.

For the Rain!

Blood shall rain upon the Earth where our cavalry pass.
Our companions from Thrace will see their glory.

For the Thunder!
Our host of mighty hoplites.
The enemies of Sparta beware.

For the Storm!
Let all who face our army tremble at the sight!

Should any enemy tell us to lay down our weapons, we have for him but one answer:
Molon Labe!
Come and take them!


  1. Thanks man, it feels like it took long enough.

    It's a damn shame you can't make it to Battlecry this year after you pushed so hard for all the FoG changes.