Friday, 14 February 2014

A little bit smashed – Battlecry Day 1

So, Battlecry Day 1 was awesome. Despite me losing horribly. Twice. First up was Richard, with his Trojan War Greeks. Light Chariots,  Y U no stay and fight? Yeah, then he manoeuvres around and manages to rear charge some units. Bam. Done.

Game two was against Arthur's Lydian Greeks. Average start, not much in it. He gets a couple of points off my Thracians, and everything goes south when his dice fail to roll lower than a 4. Hmm… anyway, we both agreed that one was purely down to the dice. It really could have gone either way.

Game three was against Chris's Later Carthaginians. It went hilariously well. Starting with my Javelinmen charging his, then breaking them in a single turn. Then my Thracians messed up his cavalry. Chased his light horse off the board. Then got smashed by veteran African spearmen.

Then, the most crucial combat of the game, Chris commits Hannibal (Inspiring Commander 80 points, +2 to virtually every test known to man) to the front rank of a unit of Gallic Foot. All well and good, and the re-rolls helped them, until…

Yup, Hannibal's head now decorates my commander's tent. So half of Chris's army (it was blobbed up in refused flank) disrupts because of that. Next turn the Gallic Foot break, and some more tests, and everything that disrupted gets fragged. And that handed me the game.

I feel kinda bad for Chris, as he walked away from day 1 with no wins, and only managed to get a single point off my army.

Anyways, some pictures.
 The terrain vs Richard. Not too bad.
 Armies lined up. Painted armies, painted terrain. Just looks so much better. (insert Captain Obvious quote :P)
 Near the end. That's a unit of Spartans sandwiched between lots of chariots. Blargh.
 Terrain & armies set up vs Arthur. Not so bad. Except for all the terrain I'll have to slog through to get to him.
 And slog through it I did.
 I thought this was a portent of things to come. 7 hits off 8 dice. Unfortunately it was about my only good roll the whole game.
Lining up vs Chris on his awesome mat. Centre left, note the large blob of units. It's going to be important later.
 My javelinmen had successfully cut down his in close combat. Always funny seeing skirmishers fight.
 Remember that large blob being important?
Yeah, here's why. I killed Hannibal, the CinC of the army. This means everyone within 3" of the unit he was with has to take a test.

Three units in range. Two fail.
I break the central unit, provoking another flurry of tests. Look, more failures.

Yeah, I felt bad for Chris after seeing his army crumble like that, but when you blob up in refused flank, you either win, or everything suffers.

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  1. Good pics of my demise! On a more positive note this finally taught me not to commit my Inspired General if it is not a situation which could ultimately win me the game. Looking forward to a rematch and getting that head back ;).