Sunday, 16 February 2014

A little bit completely smash-ed — BattleCry day 2

So, yeah. Not a single win today. But some very fun games, especially against Kevin's Scotsmen (who are now owed one right phonging) and Rob's vikings, who are now owed two beatings. Against Steve's shooty chariots the dice just hated me. I have never seen so many 2's and 3's for cohesion tests in my life. From shooting!

So, pictures
Kevin's scotsmen, set up against my Spartans. Just look at all that medium foot in the open. As you can probably guess from the intro, didn't go so well for me.

 This is after the first impact phase. In total, 40 hits were inflicted spread across 8 battlegroups. Arms and legs and spleens and various other body parts went flying in all directions when our lines clashed.

Best combat round in the tournament (of any game played by anyone), hands down. There's nothing like two massive battlelines slamming home.
Melee, where Kevin's luck abandons him, but he manages to pass all his cohesion tests anyway.

Jammy Git.

Lower right, Perioikoi fleeing after—after—cutting down nearly half a unit of spearmen. Well done guys.

Not pictured: Spartans winning anything.

And splat go the scotsmen. Those two units on the left flank were the only points I managed to get off Kevin.

And here we have the set up against Rob's Vikings. Next time, Mr Wood, next time…
And a little picture of the battle in progress.

It was all going well until that unit in Rob's centre managed to make a CMT to turn, then flank charge the Spartans in the middle. Spartans who utterly failed to sweep before them the completely inferior Viking spearmen.

Also on the lower right, Thracians chewing through another unit. I begin to suspect this unit is special—after all, it's decimated 6 enemy BG's this tourney. And it's only Light Spear/Sword. And Average…

Last game set up, against Steve's Mittani. Lots of shooty chariots. All the terrain kind of vanished. It went bad from the get go, with me failing every cohesion test the entire game, bar two (once when the fragmented Phokians got charged, and once when the Thracians lost a combat).

Steve was a very gracious opponent, and his army looks amazing. Can't really say much else.

So the race for the coveted Wooden Spoon award was between me and Chris at the end of the day, but I wound up with it (dead last) due to Chris finally winning a game against Kevin's scotsmen in devastating style.

I can point out two reasons for that:
1) All these guys (except Chris) have played a lot more FoG than I ever have.
2) My dice rolls were, frankly, terrible, with the sole exception of the Thracians, and managing to kill Hannibal yesterday.

I claim a moral victory for being the only one to slay Hannibal. :P

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