Thursday, 16 January 2014

Painting & Tourneys

So, slowly but surely my painting is moving along. I have 1 battlegroup of Perioikoi just shy of completely finished (still need varnishing & basing). The second Perioikoi battlegroup needs a brown ink wash, skin highlights, shield highlights, then varnishing and basing.

The second Spartan battlegroup requires the same, but first I have to paint the spears and speartips, then do any touch-ups necessary.

The two javelinmen battlegroups, along with the Phokian hoplites now need their flesh painted, then the above stages as well.

Thracians need a lot of love. They've only got a basecoat of brown, plus their shields in a more wooden brown.

Cavalry are still only primed black. I plan to simply airbrush them khaki, drybrush/wash the horses for colour, then treat them the same way I treat my foot battlegroups.

All going well, they should be finished in time for the Battlecry 2014 tourney. The deadline for a tourney is always a great way to kick your painting up a gear. This will also be the first battlecry I've attended in a long time, and the first I've ever played FoG in.

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  1. Your doing really well Phil. Im sure you will get it all done on time :)