Monday, 13 January 2014

Club Day

So, Saturday the 11th was the first club day of the year, with all the regulars showing up, and even Garth making his way down.

Almost everyone else was involved in the huge, and frankly awesome Napoleonics game that took up half the hall. The left myself and Garth to break out our FoG armies and set to it. I was using my Spartans once more. Garth had Later Seleucids.

The first battle went terribly for me, with his large blocks of pike running roughshod over basically everything, and me failing death rolls and cohesion tests left right and center. Except for that one unit of die-hards, obviously led by king Leonidas.

(There would be a nice pictorial battle report like the last post, but my camera has a wee technical issue—it's dead.)

The second game went badly from the off, my battleline practically shattered by turn 3, and I was almost ready to call it at that point—but that's not a proper game, so I stuck with it. It still ended badly for me (I hate Pike), but it was a bloody fight for the Seleucids. Final score was me losing at 9 AP of damage, while having inflicted 6/10 AP of damage on Garth's army.

With the Helots' non-participation in both battles, and again in the previous battle against Will's Romans, I have decided to trade them off for something far more useful. It also cost me 2 Javelinmen bases, but I now have 4 Cavalry bases—okay, so it's only Light Spear (read: crap), but against the right targets, they'll do fine.

They'll do even better when they manage to circle around large, slow, evil blocks of Pike intent on taking my precious Spartans to pieces…

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