Saturday, 18 January 2014

Lakadaemonia Suffers—Oracles Blamed

Yeah, not a great showing at gaming today. Not at all. When the terrain is in your favour, you have good deployment, and (fairly) good tactics, you should have at least an even chance of winning.

In an ideal world, that's true.

Today, however, I was plagued by terrible rolling in both games, while my opponents (Rob & Mark) rolled ridiculously well. Rob couldn't fail a single test (and was rolling like a demon with the re-rolls), and Mark went on Kingslayer on my commanders. Not fun.

That said, the games were well played, and the clash of battle lines was epic (especially Mark's "I can fit 8 BG's of Armoured Offensive Spear in 600 pts" force).

Now some people say its only bad gamers that blame the dice, but that's simply untrue. There are days, weeks even, when you can't roll a 6 to save your life. And there are also days when you simply can't roll under a 5.

Also, why do I blame the dice?
Two examples. First, I rolled 12 dice against Mark's 14. I get 1 hit (on a 5+). He gets 11 (on 4+).
Same game. I have 11, against Mark's 12. I get 3 hits. Mark gets 8.

And that was the theme for most of the game honestly. Not the best day ever. But, there's more painting to be done, and more gaming eventually (next week we're all going to be on holiday).

I think may sack Delphi and steal all their luck first though…

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  1. Lol it was 6 bg of armoured offensive spearmen and 3 bg of protected offensive spear. Was a good game but the dice were in my favour and I did make you fight on my terms. I was concerned when your light foot tore my light foot a new one but in the end it didnt matter as I drew you down into the centre. A good game overall to be sure.