Friday, 17 January 2014

Bronzed Flesh…

After applying said colour across my whole FoG force (barring Thracians—who will have darker flesh—and cav, who are only undercoated) I think I'm going to wind up dreaming in bronzed flesh tonight. Maybe not a bad thing.

Innuendo aside, it means four more battlegroups are that much closer to being finished, and the day's not even over yet. Next big colour will be VGC Khaki, for bases, followed by a drybrush of VMC Pale Sand.

And even with all the battlegroups I'm making progress on, I've still get to touch the terrain. I think the airbrush will be coming out this evening to rectify that. It'll just be a khaki base, then a mist coat (or maybe a drybrush) of plae sand for highlights. If I can keep the painting streak going, might even be able to get some colour on the trees, pale sand + ghost grey for the conifers, and desert yellow + khaki (or maybe desert tan) for the olive trees.

I haven't built or painted anything Infinity related for a long time now. That's going to be my reward at the halfway point, to build the Iguana TAG I got for Christmas to start my Qapu Khalqi force. But for now, it's all FoG in preparation for Battlecry.

And speaking of said tourney, as long as I don't come dead last (or second-last) I'll consider it a win. Well, it'll probably be a win anyway just for the number of games we'll play and the people we'll meet. And the other, much better painted armies we'll see. Which reminds me—I need a new camera before then.

Late breaking edit: Well, that would have a worked a whole lot better had my airbrush not packed a sad halfway through painting the terrain. I have narrowed it down to either the nozzle ring, or the nozzle itself, despite having given everything a thorough cleaning, one of those two pieces is impeding airflow somehow when fully tightened.

I'll fix it after gaming tomorrow hopefully.

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