Saturday, 28 November 2015

The PHR Advance

So, I've been painting a bit more this last week—actually a fair bit more than usual. Probably something to do with my Xbox being out for repairs… anyway, this is my second 'Skirmish' sized force for DzC, the Post Human Republic. Their shtick is battle walkers (mechs) and cybernetic enhancements for everyone.

Neptune class dropship. Underslung is an Ares class AT walker.
 Another view of the Neptune + Ares. Normally the Neptune can carry walker, back to back, but I only have 1 painted.
 Closer view of the Ares. I painted some iridescent blue pigment into the vents along the top, but I'm not sure how well it shows up in the pictures.
 Rear view of the Ares, showing off the powerplant (dark metal) and radiators(?) (dark bronze). The silver on the legs is Vallejo Model Air Gungrey, washed with Secret Weapon Heavy Body Black. It actually creates a really nice dark metal look for me.
 Attempts at heat discoloration on the Neptune's drive nacelles. The base colour is GW Tin Bitz (the new Warpstone Bronze is about 2 shades darker), washed to about the 3/4 mark on each plate with GW Leviathan Purple and then up to the 1/2 mark with GW Baal Red. (And I will never understand GW discontinued their matte drying range of washes.)
 And now we have my attempts at OSL on the inside of the Neptune's drives. I think it actually looks better in the photo than in person.
 Triton A1 light dropship, armed with optional missile pods. While these are kind of underwhelming in the game vs armour, they do give the Triton surprising capability for building demolition.
 Rather smaller than the Neptune (though their wingspan is approximately the same), it's still packed with detail, most of it brought out with a simple targeted wash using Secret Weapon's Dark Sepia (this stuff is like the old GW Devlan Mud for me, even if it does dry gloss).
 The underside of the Triton, once more showing off some OSL inside the drives. Rather easier to do than the Neptune due to how small they are.

I should note that there are technically only two colours down here: VMA Sand, and VMA Gungrey. The former is hit with a targeted wash of Dark Sepia, and the later with simple wash of Heavy Body Black.
 This is the Triton A1 carrying its charges, a pair of currently base painted Janus scout walkers.
 Trying something different with the infantry. They were primed white, then hit with a shading wash of Heavy Body black. The front left soldier has a layer of VMC Transparent Yellow beneath VMC Pale Sand. The front right soldier has only the VMC Pale Sand coat.

I'm not actually sure which one I like best.
The back of the infantry base.


  1. Yeah they are looking excellent! We just need to make sure your xbox never comes back.