Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Dropzone UCM [Done!]

So, it's been a while, and longer since I posted anything about any kind of progress. Had a painting day with Mark on Monday; that was fun. Anyway, This evening I finished off the first 750 points of my UCM army for Dropzone Commander. I've put up progress pics here before, but now they're actually finished. It's a nice feeling.

The completed force. This is a fully air-mobile group, with infantry mounted in Bear APC's that share the central Condor. The Sabre MBTs on the left own the left hand Condor, while the Rapier AA Tanks on the right have the right hand Condor to call their own. The two smaller craft in the middle of the aerial formation are Falcon gunships, designed to provide top cover for tanks and infantry as they deploy.

The Sabre MBT squad, A7X. The guns are poseable thanks to magnets and some very careful effort in pinning key components.
The Rapier AA squad, S2Y. The guns are poseable for the same reasons as the Sabres'.
Two full Legionnaire squads (3 bases) along with their Bear APCs. Squad II (left) uses Bear 53. Squad V (right) uses Bear 51.

Yes, all those squad markings are hand painted.
 The Condor dropship for Sabre squad A7X.
 The Condor dropship for Rapier squad S2Y.

 Transport formation.
 Another angle on the transports. You can see the underslung vehicles better here.
 Looking at those underslung vehicles from below.
 A base from Legionnaire squad V.
  Bases from Legionnaire squad II.
Legionnaire squad II again, this time with flash. I need to think of a better lighting setup to use with infantry bases.

 Next up on my painting desk: PHR. These are the guys that will serve as opponents for the UCM above.
A slightly closer look at the initial stage of painting on a Neptune dropship.

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  1. Looking good mate, next time your over use my Lightbox setup to get some nice clean closeup shots.