Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Weekly Progress #1

So, in an attempt to actually blog things, I'm going to try and post something hobby related from bench at least once a week—this should also motivate me to actually do more hobby work as well; bonus!

Anyway, today's update is for Infinity, and adding final details to the models for my alternate ALEPH list.

 At left is a Mk 2 Proxy converted into a Mk 5 with judicious use of a razor saw, ALEPH MSR's from Spec-Ops blisters, and some greenstuff for weapon slings.

On the right is the Dactyl doctor, with custom Combi+ADHL (which is just two pieces of plastic rod/tubing, drilled and shaped.)

And the second pair, on the left is the Feuerbach armed Thorakites, made using Thrasymedes and an old Azra'il weapon. I have named him the Feuer-kitai.

On the right is an Authorized Bounty Hunter armed with an ALEPH pattern Spitfire. The scope is from one of the previously sacrificed ALEPH MSR's, and is a reminder of the time he picked up an MSR via Booty L2 and headshot Luke's evil missile launcher link with the first order of the game.

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