Monday, 5 September 2016

Cities and Madness

So, two things occurred to me recently: 1) I don't post on this blog anywhere near enough; and 2) I tend to get into the flow of my hobby work when I'm working on it and forget to take progress pictures—or I may just be lazy.

Anyway, some significant advancements on the hobby front have been made sine the last post.

First up, completing all 8 tiles for my DropZone Commander board. Very satisfying. Now I just have to paint them. And the buildings. And the roads. And then get pictures of all of them together. Anyway, pictures.

 All eight tiles laid out in what turns out to be one of very few possible 2x4 configs.
 Viewed from the side.
Viewed from dropship altitude.
As I mentioned earlier, really need to get the scenery painted as well. (At least it's built.)

The next item is something being finished—or more accurately, 3/4 finished: Crawling Chaos, fully painted, from the Cthulhu Wars game. Only have Black Goat left to do.

 The entire faction, in all its glory.

 Cultists, each holding different spellbooks.
 Six Cultists, six spellbooks.

Nightguants. Not particularly strong in combat, but can steal off with cultists or unwary monsters.
 Flying Polyps. Somewhat better in combat, but it's their spellbook that makes them great—they get to stop an enemy monster from fighting at all by sacrificing their own attacks.

 Hunting Horrors. Good in combat. Even better with their spellbook which allows them to fly into any battle you have to fight.
 The great blue gribbly himself, Nyarlathotep. Weak in the early game, but late game he can be the most destructive Great Old One on the board.

And Nyarlathotep from behind. Enjoy all those gribbly tentacles and other appendages.

And last but not least, we have the start of the Black Goat faction, which I was airbrushing just this afternoon.

 Cultists and lesser monsters (Fungi and Ghouls).
Shub-Niggurath and her Dark Young.


  1. Those terrain tiles look really cool. Have you written about them previously? I couldn't find anything if so.

    Are they homemade or bought?

    Have you said what you intend to do with them (i.e. how you intend to texture / paint them)?

    1. I've only written about them once or twice before—it's been a slow project.

      The tiles were designed by me, then laser engraved by an industrial CNC firm (yay Christmas bonus), and then I bought about $50 NZD worth of high grade cardboard, a steel ruler, and a good craft knife.

      The 'engraving' on the cardboard is a deep score, widened with the use of an old GW sculpting tool.

      I don't think I'll be texturing these (it's likely to obscure the engraved road markings), but I will be painting them, basecoat of medium grade spray-paint, then modulation and detail effects with an airbrush.

    2. Nice. Well, I hope to see more of them in the near future!