Tuesday, 1 November 2016

ALEPH vs Haqqislam [Capture & Protect]

Club night last night for Infinity, and my vanilla ALEPH faced off against Heather's vanilla Haqqislam in preparation  for the upcoming tourney. Army list codes will be presented after the BatRep.

The mission was Capture and Protect, in which there are two beacons (flags), and two consoles. You have to hack a console before you can steal a beacon. Points are awarded for hacking the consoles, holding the enemy beacon, and having your own beacon safe. Bonus points for having the enemy beacon in your DZ, and for completing your random secondary objective.

This was out deployment, Haqq on the left, ALEPH on the right. Haqqislam won initiative, and elected to go first, so I set up somewhat defensively, leaving only my ARO troops exposed (snipers and missiles). I also infiltrated one specialist as close to my console as I could.
 This is one thing that may give me problems: Impersonation. Solution: Bait impersonator with 10 pt Proxy body. It's a specialist, but at that price—and with Post-Human's special rules—it's also very disposable.
First orders up, and Scarface advances to cover the console.
 Cordelia makes a run for the console, activates it, then runs and hides…
…somewhere I'm going to have great problems getting too.

I decide I'm simply going to ignore her.
 The impersonator crawls into the ruins on the high elevation section, oddly choosing not to attack. Then again, it's probably more expensive than my proxy.

With the last order in the pool, Scarface attacks the missile wielding Agema. The Agema misses, but—being a jammy git, and having cover bonuses—makes his saves.

 My first order sees my TO Camo specialist (Proxy Mk 2 hacker) leave the forest and dash for the console. The second order sees her fail the WIP roll to access the console (on WIP 15, no less). She gets it on the second try.
First order in group two sends a Lamedh repeater bot forward, firing a flash pulse at Tarik (not shown), and tanking a shot from a Zhayedan like a boss.
Group one orders see Scarface successfully hacked by the Mk 2 proxy (WIP 15 Assault hackers are nasty), and begin a run on the Haqq Beacon. [We would later find possessed troops can't take the Beacon, but that wouldn't have changed much in the end].

And with my last orders Possessed!Scarface drags the beacon into my half of the table as everything else sets up for ARO's if stops being possessed.

Heather used a Command Token to clear Scarface's possessed state, then brought on a spitfire Ragik on my left flank, starting to slice the pie on the corner of the building after killing a Netrod. This results in an Alert ARO by the Sophotect and her bot, allowing the Proxy mk 2 to turn around and face this new threat.

The Ragik puts all his shots into the Sophotect, who fails her dodge, but makes all but one save, so she's now in NWI.

Moving further around the corner the Ragik takes fire from the combi Dakini and the missile armed Agema. He fails the roll against the Agema, but mostly survives the missile impact, going Dogged.
Scarface then moves up to block LoS to the missile Agema who has been a constant thorn in the side of the Haqqislam forces.
 Scarface is promptly immobilised by the Proxy mk 2 using Carbonite, and suffers a crit from the combi armed Dakini.

The Spitfire Ragik wounds the Proxy mk 2, who elects to fail guts and roll behind some better cover.
 The Ragik the finishes off the Sophotect.
 Tarik, having done little this game except get flash pulsed, pops up and immediately crits my Proxy mk 2. On a 1. The irony…
 In my turn, the Naga with monomines lays out more of his mines, and makes a beeline for the beacon. Tarik fires, quite ineffectively as the Naga steals the beacon…
…dragging it back to my DZ.
And for my last orders, using group 2, the combi armed Dakini blasts Scarface at short range, then runs into CC to perform a Coup-de-Grace on the now unconscious TAG.

At the end of the day, on objective points, it's an overwhelming victory for ALEPH, ending 9-1 in my favour. We had a discussion after about what else could have been done, and whether or not an Alpha strike by the impersonator would have been effective against my force.

We also both had the same secondary objective (repair something with STR), but Heather failed because I killed Scarface before she could repair him, and I failed because my repeater bot was a freaking tank.

It was still a good game, and a learning experience for the mission and certain faction rules. Also a good demonstration of why repeater bots are so damn good if you've got WIP 15 hackers.

Haqq Army (This is best guess, didn't get a copy of the list):

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  1. I'm glad to see you picked up those bots.
    They really do make all the difference.