Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Nameless One

So, after many months of being lazy and working on other projects, I have finally finished painting the Yellow Sign forces for Cthulhu Wars.

 All the lesser creatures of the Yellow Sign.
 The Undead hordes, pulled from the desecration of the world.

I tried to keep these guys simple, but in the end there wasn't enough contrast so blacklined the bandages and shaded the tentacle tips.
 The Byakhee, winged horrors not of this earth.

I tried my hand at some two brush blending on these guys, using black over yellow, followed by a wash of dark sepia.
 The King in Yellow, a lesser avatar of Hastur, and the embodiment of his desecration. His power is to corrupt the lands to increase the power of Hastur.

The flesh took the most time on this guy, being about eight stages, with a transparent yellow intermediate layer. The base is just drybrushed with small details picked out.
 Hastur, He Who Is Not to be Named. On the dais we see that Elder Signs no longer hold him back.

Shading the yellow proved something of a task over such a large area. The tentacles are my first real attempt at airbrush blending on any kind of detail.
 From the rear Hastur is no less intimidating, a great mass of writhing tentacles and malign intent, and carved into the dais the symbols of his rule over the desecration.

The symbols didn't come out exactly how I wanted (more of a glow effect was hoped for), but the effect is nonetheless good, and I like the way the blue acts as a spot colour against the yellow and sandstone.
Acolyte cultists, loyal to the Yellow Sign itself, and capable of bringing forth the minions of Hastur into this plane.

Each spellbook is slightly different, though the cultists are the same. This is about the only place I can really put in any individuality, so I go to town on it.
And something a little cheeky to end 2015 with. For a boardgame, these miniatures are lavished with detail, some of it subtle, some, not so much.

Wishing everyone all the best for 2016.

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  1. Looking good Phil. You need more light for your photos. Bring them around on Friday and ill take some shots for you with my light box.