Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Infinity Sundays Return

So, Sunday was fast and furious as far as games of Infinity go. 3 games in a day, even with our pretty easy-going attitude that's fast. It may also be because we're only playing at 150 instead of 300.

 Basic Layout, firelanes covered and few vantage points that can reach the opposing DZ. The near side has more height, the far side more cover.
 Here you can see the advantage of angling the buildings is that not only do they take up more perceived area (relative to the 90ยบ board edges), but that they also better block perpendicular lines of fire.
View from the far side, showing the cover advantage vs the height advantage.

 My erstwhile foes, Mark showing off his old Morats. Not much of the big stuff made it; in the end it was an HI Sogarat, 5-ish Vanguards, and a MedTech.
My army, an eclectic mix of regiments from the Merovingian Rapid Response Force, with a trio of Zouaves, a Chasseur, two Metros, a Dozer, a 112, and a Uragan Mul.

And for the most part I forgot to take pictures of that game. It started badly for me, with Mark taking out my Zouave sniper and my infiltrating Metro, but things changed when my Uragan Mul took out a running Morat from across the board, and my Chasseur displayed great aplomb in kill two Morats, before critting a thrid three times in three successive orders—only to have those crits cancelled by critical dodges from Mark.

The Sogarat was having none of it, running up and killing another Zouave, and then my 112, and nearly killing my Dozer. I brought it back by flanking the Sogarat and shooting him in the back multiple times as he used the Warning! special rule to try and face all his attackers.

Then the last Zouave delivered the coup de grace, making sure the Sogarat's automedikit wouldn't be bringing anything back.

After that bloodbath we tried a boarding action style table. Needless to say things got a little mental.

We managed two game in as many hours. I lost the first due to Mark's creative use of suppressive fire, and being unable to pass armour saves. It started in great style with a Metro busting through a door and double tapping a Morat with his pistol, getting two crits from two shots.

And then moving up and getting another crit against the other Morat in the room. It was all downhill from there, and I'm leaving the sniper Zouaves off the ship next time.

The worlds deadliest Metro. I think this room needs a couple of chalk outlines.

 The Sogarat of doom just chews through my guys, despite them having camo or burst advantages. Seriously, how do you miss with 4 assault pistol shots at that range?
Here the Soggy continues to wreak havoc, taking out another Zouave and my 112, who somehow missed with a point blank shotgun—which is odd, considering he normally crits with his first shot.

Second round went much better, with these four proving the clincher. They moved up, co-ordinated order, and bust through the door.
The Sogarat then has to face 2 pistol shots (easy), and 2 D.E.P. shots (AT missiles). He can only fire back at one of them, and flubs it.

They're still picking pieces of space monkey out of the ventilation weeks later.

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