Saturday, 25 October 2014

Late night progress

I finished some stuff. Well, for varying degrees of the term 'finished' at any rate.
 A small pacific village, all Sarissa stuff, only base painted, need to drybrush/highlight it before throwing on the varnish.
 Long Tom, 155mm Artillery. Okay, so it was built last week, but I got into a frenzy and finished the crew in like 2 hours tonight. That includes making 2 155mm shells from a bit of rod lying around.
 Something that's actually, properly finished now. USMC squad 1, complete with basing tufts.
 Sniper team, for long range support.
 MMG team, for heavy fire support. Quite proud of the way this one turned out, looks really nice.
Commander and adjutant, because a USMC leader will lead from the front, and lead by example. (As he has tried to do so in every game so far).

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